Not sure how you want your goods packaged? Ozanam Enterprises can help!
Repetitive packaging and labour intensive assembly is our speciality.
Ozanam Enterprises can provide you with expertise to research and develop the product packaging requirements you need.This local Melbourne service provides quality customer service to meet your requirements for packaging needs
Contact Ozanam Enterprises for an Obligation Free quote for any of your requirements.
We are highly skilled in:

General Packaging  Packing, sealing, labelling or sorting of any type of product.
Assembly Assembling products of low or high volume from the most simple to complex.
Sortation Sortation of products.
Sealing Sealing products with heat seals, header cards, clam shell or pouches.
Collating & Bulk Mailouts  Collating repetitive tasks or bulk mailouts of invoices, newsletters or brochures can be folded, sealed and mailed.
Inserting Inserting any number of items into a mailout or showbag.
Shrink Wrapping Shrink wrapping products, brochures or letters is cost effective and tamper proof.
Repacking Repacking of your product's packaging material or changing the quantity/size.
Labelling Labelling new products or relabelling existing products, large or small quantities.
Source Tagging & Anti Theft Tagging  Source tagging and anti theft tagging for products in stores requiring disposable RF security labels.
Warehousing Warehousing of short term pallet storage solutions.
Pick'n'Pack Pick'n'Pack storing and fulfilling of orders direct to your customers.

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